Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Princess Diana

There's a local museum that is featuring a Princess Diana Celebration of Life Exhibit. A few girls at work mentioned that they'd like to go, and their husbands would not, so we planned a girls trip. We went Sunday, before we all went back to work/school on Monday.

To be honest, I've never really been a huge Princess Diana fan, but as I read and learned about her, I fell in love with how nice and caring and amazing she was. I liked that she used her celebrity status to help others. She seemed like such an amazing lady, whose life was taken way too soon. I'm not going to lie, I also fell in love with all of the diamonds on her tiara! I also LOVED that when our tickets were stamped, they used a Princess Crown cutout!! Such a clever idea!! (I didn't get a picture of the tiara, because it was right at the beginning of the exhibit and there were docents watching. But when I turned the corner and saw the crown, I literally gasped at how sparkly and gorgeous it was).

(My ticket)

(This is some jewelery that was in her family. The necklace on the right had diamonds that were as big as my pinky finger nail! The necklace could be taken apart and worn as a bracelet. Gorgeous either way!)

(More jewelery that belonged to her family).

(This is the front of her wedding dress. It isn't my type, but the size of it is impressive. It cost $1,900 to make by an unknown designer at the time. I also found it interesting that she had an umbrella that was made to match her dress, in case it rained on her wedding day. That isn't the odd part, this is: her train was 25 feet long and the umbrella was normal size, so even if it did rain, there was no possible way even her dress would fit underneath it, let alone her train! It was a sunshining day though, so she never had to see how this small umbrella held up. Her wedding shoes had suede on the sole to prevent her from slipping).

(The back view of her train. It was a whopping 25 feet long and I'd guess at least 4 feet wide. It had sequins sprinkled throughout the tulle. Do princesses use tulle, or do they use something much more royal? Whatever it was, it had just the right amount of sparkly sequins).

Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed in this exhibit, but I was able to sneak a few with my camera phone (so sorry for the poor quality). As I was getting one of these pictures, I apparently told my friend Sarah, to "cover for me." I don't remember that part, but she must have listened to me because I didn't get kicked out! That's all that really matters.

There was also a room with 28 of her designer dresses that I'm sure were beautiful...in the 80's. She was gorgeous...and had a hot body.

If this exhibit comes to a town near you, I would highly recommend it!

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  1. this sounds wonderful. I always love going to museums that are in town. ill have to watch out for this one.

    so you can't take pictures with in the museum?