Thursday, March 10, 2011

It has been one of THOSE weeks.

On Monday morning at like, 9 AM, I said to my coworker, “is it Friday yet?” That’s always a good sign, right? This seems to be the longest week of my entire life. Nothing is going right, pretty much everybody is annoying the hell out of me, I’m super stressed and I’m done dealing with it. Except I can’t really be done, so it continues. It’s just one thing after another and I really want to give up right now.

My sister moved back to Oregon this week, and I miss her but I like not having to put on a happy face on stupid days like this whole dumb week. My apartment is still not in order to how I’d like it and I’ve had a busy week of getting things cleaned and the way I want.

This week can go F itself. Anyone with me?

Oh, it’s Chuck Norris’ birthday today. What’s your favorite Chuck Norris joke? Maybe that will cheer me up.

Happy birthday to Molli too :)

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  1. Sorry, I don't have any Chuck Norris quotes :) But guess what, it's almost Friday!!!! :)