Monday, March 21, 2011

My horoscope and PCSing

My horoscope today said:

Stress and frustration could be the result of having to try to reach people in distant states or foreign lands, Stacy. The time difference could well be a factor. If you think things through carefully, you should be able to coordinate it so that you can get through to them in a timely fashion, and whatever you're trying to accomplish with them should work out. Stay calm and focused, and you'll get through this with a minimum of upset.

And it couldn’t have been more perfect for right now.

When Seth got back after R&R, he mailed me some important paperwork that I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Since January. It’d make my life easier having this paper sooner rather than later. I’ve been waiting impatiently, especially the last few weeks. On Friday, I got one of two letters from him. It was a letter, not the paperwork, but they were mailed at the same time, so I’m sure I’ll be getting it very soon. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but ummm, too late for that. Hopes are at an all time high. I’m interpreting this horoscope as a good sign!

Anyways, in other news that got me excited: Seth got PCS orders!! To Washington state!! While I’m a littttttle tiny bit sad that I won’t have the chance to live in Germany right now at least, it’s probably best if I get acquainted with military life in the US rather than a foreign country. Maybe we’ll get stationed there in the future?! I was born in California and lived there until I was 10, and I’m BEYOND excited to be going back to the west coast. Plus, my sister is living in Oregon and we’ll just be a few hours away from her. I can’t wait to be back by the ocean, marine animals, the mountains, earthquakes (ok, not really, but I feel more comfortable with earthquakes than tornados), my brother and sister. I can’t wait for weekend trips to the mountain, or an afternoon to the coast, or a day in Seattle or maybe even going to Canada for a weekend. Hiking in the mountains, bike riding outside, fishing and camping. And hey, we’ll be close-ish to Alaska, so maybe we’ll find our way up there. A girl can hope.

This will be our first duty station together and we’ll be able to hopefully get a little puppy or kitty, and finally start our lives together.

I don’t do fist pumps, but I seriously want to right now.


  1. That's exciting! We live in CA and it's a lot different from where we grew up in Oklahoma. :) We really love it though!

  2. Hey I'm super excited...that puts you closer to me!!!! :) Yay!!!!!

  3. Your from Cali... my hubby is from there.. as I am from Florida.. but what part of Cali are you from?

    We have been here for over 2 years. If you want my facebook page is on my blog so u can add me on there. I would also recommend adding the facebook pages for wives here. You can meet other ppl. Start getting a feel for things here etc.

    Let me know if ya need anything
    and cute blog!

    and of course thanks for following mine!

  4. Hey Stacey,

    Just want you to know that I read your blog every day, and all of your stories are important to me!!

    Allison @ Keep Calm and Soldier On