Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am SUPER impressed with the customer service at!!!

I bought these pretttttty little things:

a few weeks ago and thought they fit. They were tight, but I thought they would stretch out (by walking around the house) the perfect amount to fit me just fine for my wedding day. Well, after I passed out during my dress fitting, I thought maybe they were too tight and cut off circulation to my feet/legs, and, in addition to my knees being locked, I wanted to be an attention whore and pass out.

Anyways, I contacted customer service today since I threw out my original return label and they were SO helpful! They added me to their VIP shoe club (umm, hello, THANK YOU!!), and will be sending me out my new pair of shoes tomorrow!!! Before they even receive the pair I need to return! And these are Stuart Weitzman shoes...not cheap. I'm hoping the new size works just perfectly. Also, shipping is free for both receiving and returns. Can't get much better than that!

** did not pay me or do anything special for me to give this review. I just am very impressed with their customer service and willingness to send me a new pair of shoes before they receive the wrong size ones. **
P.S. Wedding is NEXT month! holycrapsomuchtodo. andinsolittletime. holycrapagain.


  1. Those are great shoes! I love that you're wearing pink shoes with your dress. I wore red ones:)

  2. These shoes are SO pretty! You are sort of being a bad influence though, as now I feel like shopping for shoes online at work...

  3. They really are the cutest shoes. Good call going up a size, I can't imagine passing out during my wedding! :)