Wednesday, June 22, 2011

March 27th, 2011

This is a post that I wrote on March 27th, a few days before I left for Germany for Seth's welcome home/end of deployment celebration.

March 27, 2011

I leave in less than a WEEK!! Four more days and one wake up and I'll be headed to Germany! This day next week, I'll BE IN GERMANY! It really is surreal that this deployment is coming to an end. I can't believe it. It doesn't seem real yet, really. I think it will hit me when I'm on the plane. Things are coming together: I got the paperwork I've been anxiously awaiting since January. (It's dated Jan. 28th, posted-marked Feb. 10th and finally arrived on March 25th. I feel like we're in the olden times here. JEEZ!!)

On Friday morning, while at a work meeting, I made a to-do list of things I need to accomplish for my trip. Including, but not limited to:

  • Return possible homecoming shirt to Macys
  • Best Buy - buy an iPod, load music
  • Gazelle Sports - get Seth's birthday present (Vibram five finger shoes... random note: it's funny that this this website is called birthday shoes, because he got them as birthday present! It was the first link that came up, I swear!)
  • Vacuum car
  • Clean windows, insides of car of car
  • Clear pictures from camera, fully charge
  • Download books and fully charge Kindle
  • Organize and print necessary paperwork for flight
  • Look at luggage
  • Iron clothes
  • Talk to Bekah about picking up mail/water plants while I'm gone
  • Pay bills
  • Balance checkbook

  • I'll finish up the rest of the stuff on my list today (which is Sunday). This is my last weekend in the US for at least 3 weeks!!! I also have to pack some clothes for Seth because all his clothes in Germany storage won't fit him. I'll wash that stuff today and put it in my new luggage and get his stuff done.

    I've loaded music onto my new iPod. I'm rocking out to old school music right now: music from the 90's and it's got me PUMPED to listen to on my long flight!! I got out a bunch of CD's and loaded them onto my computer and then iPod. It's going to be awesome. I also got a new cover for my Kindle because my other one broke.

    Yesterday was Seth's 28th birthday!! That seems really old. But I'll be 27, so I guess I'm not too far behind him :( We talked for a little while yesterday and had a good conversation, except when the phone disconnected a few times. Nothing new there, though! Just another week or so of that and then we'll have landlines! He called me this morning and I could hear a lot of excitement in his voice. I made a comment about how he's getting excited to come home (they were moving bases in preparation of coming home) and he said no, he's just really sleepy and all hyper. Yeah, not buying it, love. I know you're excited!!

    Soon, babe, SOON!!!!!

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