Monday, June 20, 2011

Little tidbits

I've been slacking in my blogging, mainly because I've been too busy to devote a whole post on one thing, but since I want to blog, and I just pained my nails and am waiting for them to dry, here's a random post.

Patrick got his first bath this weekend! He looked completely ridiculous, all soaking wet and crying. He had a traumatic weekend. Event #1: I really hate/get disgusted by eye goop all up in the fur by the eyes, so I always dig it out. It was deeply stuck in his eye fur, so I got a warm rag to loosen it up and I started digging it out. He wasn't happy, so I enlisted my mom's help. He started snapping at her and she had to yell at him. He was upset when he got yelled at. Traumatic event #2: (this is gross and I'm sorry)...His little butthole is covered in fur. I can't even find it, to be honest. And when he poops, sometimes it gets stuck in his fur. And then he'll sit down...and smash poop into his butt fur. And then he gets mad because he KNOWS it's there but he can't get it off. So I got out a baby wipe and started cleaning him up. Apparently it was pulling his fur because he was snapping again and yelping. When it got warmer outside, I decided to start traumatic event #3, which was getting a bath. (I also thought that I could run warm water on the dried poop in the butt fur to like...melt it away. It worked eventually.).

poor guy. so skinny and scrawny and nerdy looking here!

crazy fur-do after his bath!

pre-bath, all curled up with Harry, my parent's dog. They LOVE each other.


Wedding is coming up. Like, SOON. Less than a month! I'm stressed to the max. I got all of the wedding favors (homemade vanilla extract) done this weekend! These deserve a post all on their own, so I'll try to do that this week. I'm very proud of how they turned out!


I cannot wait for the 4th of July! My sister is coming home in the afternoon and staying for a few weeks (for the wedding and all that). We're having a sister date: going to a little beach on a big lake we grew up by and watching the fireworks while having wine and cheese!! In high school, right after I got my driver's license, we'd go to this little island during the summer, and we'd hang out there all day, pack a picnic, play in the water, read books, have photoshoots, etc. We'd borrow my mom's minivan and drive to the lake. (It's awesome being 16 years old and driving a minivan...) I'm SO excited to see my sister!!! And have a sister date. It's long over due.


Seth comes home in just over two weeks! He doesn't even have to go back to Germany after that! For the first time in our relationship, he'll be in the US for an unknown length of time!! Of course, he'll be going to Washington shortly after the wedding...and I won't be going with right away...but at least we'll be in the same country, even if we're 3 hours apart. This will also be the first time that I'm in a time zone ahead of him. And this will be the first time we've seen each other in the month of July. Whoa.


So the wedding. We're not having a military wedding. But I sorta wanted a little bit of something military in it, so I looked online for a military chaplain in our area to perform the ceremony. I found a lady and emailed her a while ago, and she took FOREVER to reply. Literally, forever. I was getting anxious, so I emailed her again and again. Over a span of about 4 weeks, she replied to my email twice. I'm still waiting on her to contact me to set up a time to meet to go over the ceremony (per her request). The wedding is less than a month and I've given up on her. But rest assured: my friend Molli referred me to a Reverend that has married numerous people in her family, and she said he's a really nice guy, lives in our town and is in high demand for performing weddings. I emailed him just last week...about a month before the wedding, and asked if by any chance if he's available on our date. Turns out he IS! It is TOTALLY fate and I am SO excited for him. I meet with him this Thursday to go over how we'd like the ceremony. I'm not contacting the Chaplain lady to let her know we're going with someone else. She penciled me in on her calendar, so she said, but she hasn't made any further contact. And honestly, I don't think she will. I want to see how long, if ever, she waits to contact me before the wedding. She knows the date, and the location, and I'm hoping she doesn't just show up and want to perform the ceremony. That'd be awkward.

Isn't Patrick the cutest?! I'm completely in love with him!

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  1. I love giving my puppy a bath. Too bad he's not small enough to fit in the sink anymore. Now he just decides that he'd rather hop in the shower with me to get a bath when it's NOT convenient for me :)