Saturday, May 7, 2011


is already a pain in the ass.

In less than three months, we'll be in Washington!!! While I'm super excited about this, I'm also already getting slightly stressed out about the packing part, on top of the whole planning a wedding thing. My parents brought me some boxes today so I can start packing little things that I won't need in the next three months. I started with my books. I found a Babysitter's Club book (!!!!) that unfortunately isn't worthy of being moved to Washington. Yeah, they were sweet books in the 90's, but I've moved on to different kinds of books. I also found old paperwork from my apartment with my first roommate. Paperwork that said rent money hadn't been received for multiple months in a row and the electric payment hadn't been made in many months in a row. Yep, quality roommate she was. I shredded that paperwork, just like I shredded her right out of my life a while ago. She tried to friend me on MySpace (back when that was all the rage) and I couldn't decline her friend request fast enough.

Anyways, back to moving. I'm also starting to think of things I buy and if I can use them up by the time we move. I have three shampoo/conditioners in my bathroom right now. I use them all on a regular basis. Plus, I have an extra spare in the hall closet. I'm prettttty sure this will last me the next three months. Loose translation: I won't need to buy shampoo or conditioner until I'm in Washington. That's crazy to think about!!

I got a fair amount of wedding stuff done today. All of the groomsman's suits have been purchased. The best man's suit is being custom made in Germany and he should have it in a few weeks. Invitations will be here on Monday and will be in the mail by the end of the week. We're doing our own food and bought catering type supplies for that today. I have my first dress fitting next Saturday. The day before, one of my bridesmaids, Bekah, is spending the night and we're going to figure out how many flowers we're going to need and she's going to place the order (the place I'm ordering from requires a membership and she is a member). We're also going to get her dress. I'm going to paint signs to put along the route to the location. We got the wood today. Tomorrow I'm going to work on distressing it and in the next few weeks, I'll paint our names with arrows pointing which direction to go.

I got my oh so gorgeous wedding shoes in the mail the other day! I'm in love with them. The night I got them, I may have put them on a chair next to my bed when I went to bed. And when I woke up in the morning, I may have talked to them and said, "oh, good morning beautiful shoes. Nice of you to greet me this morning." And if I'm really being honest, I may have even put them in my bed next to me, laid them on my pillow and put my head next to them. And then I realized my shoes really shouldn't sleep in my bed with me, because I might roll over and poke an eye out with the heel. So that's when they went onto the chair to greet me in the morning.

It's past 1 AM now and I'm rambling. That's all the updates I have for now!

I'll leave you a beautiful picture :)


  1. OH MY GOD, the babysitter club books! I was just thinking about my huge stash today... they've been long gone but I actually got an itch to read them today:)

    OH MY GOD those shoes! They are sooooo cute! Love it!