Friday, January 31, 2014

Courthouse field trip!

Yesterday I packed up the boys and took them to the courthouse! I got a ticket back in December when we visited a state park.  I had an annual pass for national parks and thought state parks were included.  Turns out they aren't and I got a $99 ticket. Lame! So I fought it and said it was an honest mistake and we've since purchased a state park pass, it won't happen again... and oh, um could you please just waive this ticket please,  your honor? He reduced it to $70 which still sucked but was better than the full amount.  Thankfully, Max was very well behaved and quiet in the courtroom and Ben nursed happily in my Boba carrier. He fussed a few times and I just had to get him latched back on and he was content.  Never thought I'd breastfeed my baby while pleading my case to the judge, but hey, baby was hungry and by golly, baby was going to eat.  Happy Baby Happy Mommy...especially in a quiet courtroom.

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