Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my pictures

In random order because I can't rearrange on my phone. ..

1) I excavated all of these boogers (plus some not pictured) from Benjamin's nose. He sounds a lot better now! He also loves when I dig boogers out...he smiles so big!
2)  We were playing with the blocks in the third picture.  Max was apparently done and decided to throw the blocks at Ben... and then pound one into his forehead. Really,  Max? 
3) We were having a lot of fun before Max suddenly decided to be done. P.S. Max is actually wearing a diaper in this picture. 
4) I made pancakes for breakfast!  We didn't even have any syrup in the house.  I used honey...Max loved it
5) Awww, sleeping so peacefully ♥
6) Benjamin said good morning to me with this all over my shoulder.  Thankfully it's very rare that he spits up (unlike Max, who was a major spitter-upper)
7) He later peed all over my leg (this picture is actually from yesterday,  but he peed on me again today)

It's nap time right now... here's to a better afternoon! 

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