Monday, March 10, 2014

Pigeon Forge, TN

Last August,  We took our first big family vacation with Max. One of Seth's older brothers really wanted a family vacation with all of his siblings (8 total kids) and their parents.  He wanted this vacation to happen so bad that he offered to pay for everyone to get there (plane tickets for us because we are the farthest away) and gas money for everyone else. He also offered to rent a huge log cabin for everyone to stay in for the 5 days (during peak summer travel time...aka outrageously expensive). He also graciously paid for or rental car and our hotel room for the night that we got there because we got there a day before everyone else and before we could check into the cabin. It was basically an all expense paid trip... how could we say no?! We had to provide our own entertainment and each couple was assigned one or two meals to cook for everyone (28 of us total). Here are a few pictures from Pigeon Forge, TN that I recently ran across on my phone.

A few fun notes:

-I got pulled over for speeding the night we got there.  It was about 1 am, we were trying to find our hotel for the night,  Max was screaming and apparently I floored it when we left the drive thru.  Whoops. The officer was very nice and I told him we were just trying to find our hotel and our son was ready to be done traveling for the day.  He gave us directions to the hotel and told us to have a good night.  He didn't even ask to see our licenses!
-Seth went on a zip line obstacle course with some of his siblings,  his dad snd his 86 year old grandma.  She's awesome! !
- We took a 30 min helicopter ride over the mountains.  It was a beautiful sight.
-I was 27 weeks pregnant and it hella (who says hella anymore?!) Hot and humid but thank God the cabin had a/c.
-The cabin also had a Jacuzzi that Max and Seth enjoyed each night.
-My equally pregnant sister in law and I spent an afternoon shopping at the outlet mall and then had lunch together. (Our due dates were less than a week apart, but she ended up having her son about 3 weeks before Benjamin joined us).

-Max found a llama stuffed animal and it was love at first sight! He'd never cared about stuffed animals until he saw that little llama.  

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