Sunday, April 24, 2011

Changes are a-happenin'

I mentioned in a previous post that Seth got orders to his next duty station. Which means I know where I'll be moving after our July wedding! He knew the tentative date that he had to be to Ft. Lewis and while I was in Germany, I learned the official date he has to sign in. And it is much sooner than I was anticipating, but you won't find me complaining about that!

And can I just say, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Army, for not royally screwing up our wedding date. Because these orders are much sooner than I think both of us expected, we chose a wedding date that we thought would be safe. Safe meaning he'd be back from Afghanistan by that time, but not at his next duty station yet and he'd be going back to Germany afterward. (Yeah, yeah, I know, this is the military we're talking about. No date is ever safe).

Anyways, the date for this works out pretty perfectly, considering the circumstances. He signs out of his current post about 2 weeks before the wedding. He'll be home for 30 days of leave before he has to report to Ft. Lewis. While we had planned on a road trip to the east coast for our honeymoon, we'll now be packing up the apartment and taking a road trip to the west coast to start our lives together! East coast....west least we'll be going to a coast! Luckily, we hadn't planned anything for the honeymoon yet, because we didn't know how much time he'd be home after the wedding. We were just going to wing it all. Now that we know how much time we have, we've come up with a new plan: after the wedding, we'll go up north and go camping for 3 or so days, come back, pack up the rest of the apartment for 2 days, pack up a moving truck the next 2 days, and then we'll head out to the west coast the following day (which is 9 days after the wedding). We're anticipating it taking us 5 days to drive out there (yay for driving moving trucks going over the mountains!) and that'll put us in Washington about a week before he has to sign in. We'll unload our stuff real quick and then take a few day trip to the coast. While our honeymoon has changed significantly from what originally was supposed to happen, I'm totally content with our new plan and can't wait for it. Yes, it will be an extremely crazy and hectic summer but I can't wait!!

Besides, lmc told me that all the cool kids delay their honeymoon by a year because the Army has other plans for us. We will totally be part of the cool club now! And bonus...we'll be on the joint air force base in Washington. Helllllllllo Space-A delayed honeymoon to Hawaiiiiiii!


  1. I "moved" to Germany for four months right after our wedding... to live in a single room with the new husband after a long distance courtship! We then spent about another month and a half traveling and in a hotel room waiting for an apartment to free up. First year of marriage... 6 months in one room... GOT IT! Love the military and how it makes us stronger. And drunker, if that's your style. ;) Good luck and congrats!

  2. YAY for orders and it not messing up your wedding date:) Ours was similar...we got married 2 months after he returned from deployment, He got 23 days of leave and we got married, packed up my apartment, drove from MA to WA and took a week long Alaskan cruise. We really enjoyed the was fun:)