Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today I went to to the mall on a hunt for a gray suit to match Seth's for the wedding. I saw this guy who appeared to be rearranging ties on a display rack like a store employee. I go up to him and start talking to him, telling him my story and what I'm looking for. "I'm getting married in July and I'm looking for a light gray suit and I'm not having any luck..." The guy was getting a small smile on his face as I kept talking and I was thinking in my head he must have had the prefect suit in mind and was getting excited to show it to me.


When I finally paused for a second, he said, "I'd love to help you find a nice gray suit, but I don't even work here!"

Luckily he found it hilarious, while I felt like a major nerd. I told him he threw me off because he was rearranging ties on the display rack and he said he was just putting one back. I couldn't get out of that department fast enough.

Oh humility, you got me today.

P.S. I'm back in Michigan and home and all that good crap. It sucks being home, not gonna lie.

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