Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weird phone call

My soldier called me the other day. It wasn't our normal Sunday talking date, so it always makes me a little nervous when he calls during the week. He actually called twice and I answered the first time, but I couldn’t hear anything. I kept saying “hello? Are you there? I can’t hear you. Helllllo, SETHHHHHH?” And then I heard a male voice with a heavy middle eastern accent. I suddenly said in a very serious tone, “HELLO?” then whoever mumbled something else again, and then the line cut out. My stomach sank, my heart dropped…whatever that saying is. I said a quick little prayer to make sure everything was OK with Seth. The first thing that went through my head was that he’d been held hostage and they were using the phone to torment me. Not sure why they’d call me, but that’s the thought that went through my head. I don’t even know if they would use the soldier’s phone to call someone, but regardless, it was a horrible, horrible feeling.

This is the reason why he can’t tell me certain things over the phone: because it’s a bold reminder that he’s in Afghanistan and he has an Afghanistan cell phone and you never know if the line is being tapped. Anyways, he called me back, and after I said “hello?” twice, he said hey. He said he was in his tent, in his bed. I was thankful for that, and he just wanted to tell me hi. I think he was having one of those days where he just wanted to talk to me.

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