Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh, hey!

Remember me? I've not forgotten about you, little blog! I've just been busy...you know, with an active almost 11 month old! I'd really like to blog more often but it's hard because Max wakes up the second that I lay him down. Sooooo his naps consist of me holding him. Which im so not complaining about, but I don't get a chance to get as much done as I'd like during nap time. It's all good though, I get to cuddle him and I certainly can't complain about that!

Right now I'm on the iPad and its kinda difficult to balance on my knee and type. And yell at Woody to not bark...and wake Max up. So ignore typos and punctuation errors.

So what have we been up to the last several months? Let's see....we drove to my parents house in California for thanksgiving for a quick trip. My brother got to meet Max for the first time, which he loved. The road trip went well, considering. We left at like 4 am to maximize drive time while Max was normally sleeping. We drove until we about two hours away from their house (it was about a 16 hour drive) because Max was clearly done being in his car seat for the day. We had a short drive the following day which was nice.

We spent Christmas at our house. Seth's brother and girlfriend flew out here from Washington D.C. To visit us and it was great to see them. My parents also drove up, With my brother and his girlfriend,  too, and my sister and her boyfriend were here too. It was quite a busy house! It was a great Christmas though and Max got some awesome gifts.

Seth was gone for pretty much the whole month of January for training and we couldn't talk while he was gone so it was a rough month. We made it though and I was very excited when he came home. Max and the dogs were too. Max and I started going to a church while he was gone and we went to a few library story times. We've kept it up since he's been back and we go the majority of the time. Max generally makes the most noise when we are all quietly praying to ourselves. He makes grunting noises and we hear a few giggles and then the pastor usually gives him a shout out after we are done haha we also started Max on solid foods at the end of the month and holy cow, he LOVES food. You name it, he loves food. Chicken, carrots, zucchini, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, avocados, pears, watermelon, plain Cheerios, yogurt....everything. He is BFFs with food, no doubt. He doesn't like the texture of puréed peas, but will still eat them. He just makes a grossed out face but still eats it up!! That, and cottage cheese, are the only foods that he's not a fan of, and I'm sure it's texture related for both.

February was an uneventful month as far as I can remember. Hmmm, yep, uneventful.

March we visited my sister in Oregon for a quick weekend trip. We stayed at a hotel and we went swimming. Max loves the water! At the end of the month my dad got a new job. Max had a great first Easter at church and found a bunch of Easter eggs! And I enjoyed the candy in them, I'm not ashamed to say.

April brought another month of training for Seth. Max and I took a vacation to California to visit my parents! We flew and it went really well. Max did really well on both of the flights, thankfully. We had a fun time visiting my parents and brother, and seeing the house I lived in when I was 5-10 years old. We went to the ocean, saw a zonkey (zebra-donkey mix), ate a lot of food, enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, and helped my parents move. they moved into a hotel While they're still searching for a house. When we got back, I had a doctors appointment and Max sand Seth came with. Max was fascinated with a little boy who was running up and down a hall and couldn't take his eyes off of him. That afternoon, when Max woke up after his nap, he started taking steps unassisted! I swear he dreamed of that little boy and it was all the courage he needed to start walking!! He's been improving ever since then and is doing great now!!  He walks with his arms up in the air, in an L shape and just walks and walks. It's so funny and cute. If he falls, he laughs and gets right back up and tries again.

In May, we bought a combo membership to two local zoos and have been putting it to good use! We've gone six times to the closer one to our house and once to the other. In the middle of May, we want to a wedding in Oregon and Seth was in the wedding party. Max looked adorable dressed up in his Ralph Lauren slack pants and his plaid Ralph Lauren button down shirt. At the end of May, Seth left for training again.

And now it's June....the weather has been really nice the last few days and we've been playing outside  a lot. Yesterday I was picking weeds and then watered the garden and it was really warm so I sprayed some water on Max. He got really excited and next thing I know, he was in his cloth diaper crawling around in the lawn as I sprayed him with water. He was soaking wet and loved it. A neighbor gave me a blow up pool for Max and I blew it up this morning and we played in it this afternoon. He had so much fun!!! He mostly liked to hang over the edge and slap the tarp but hey, he had fun!!! I watered the garden after he got out of the pool and he got excited over the hose so he played in the water on the lawn for a few more minutes. Such an exciting afternoon was exhausting to my little guy and he's sound asleep now. Patrick is curled up with us as well.

I guess that catches me up for now!! I'll try to do a post with pictures soon because let's be honest, that's the best part of blogging. And most entertaining. Happy June!!!

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