Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This book club is a bust

So, you know how I was all take charge and volunteered to organize a book club for the FRG? Thinking I could make some friends? Not so.

First, I emailed all four girls who signed up and asked if today's date, Oct 18, worked for them. I asked for suggestions on times. One girl gave me a time of 11 AM because she has an infant and an 8 year old. This wasn't really a good time for me because I work during the day, but decided I could take my "lunch hour" to do this. Another girl said today would work, she didn't have a preference on time. Two girls didn't reply period.

So I sent out another email to all four girls again and said we settled on October 18th at 11 at a library. (I know, I know...totally cliche to have a book club at a library, but since I'm still unfamiliar with what's available on post and didn't have a ton of time to get to a cooler location, I decided this was OK for the first meeting). Anyways, one girl wrote back and said she was excited, she'd be there. The girl who suggested 11 AM said that she could not find available childcare at this time. (I really only did this time because it worked for her, and now she couldn't attend. Annoying). Another girl wrote back and apologized for not replying to the first email...she read it and forgot about it (thanks!) and said she could not make it because she works during the day. Still haven't heard back from the 4th girl.

Anyways, today I got up extra early to start working extra early so in case this book club took longer than my "lunch hour," I wouldn't be too far behind. (I picked out a cute, dressier outfit than I've been wearing these days (not jeans and a t-shirt), blow dried and straightened my hair, put on make up and wore a new pair of flats that eventually gave me blisters on the back of my heels). I was excited all morning for this book club and to try to make at least one friend. I got to the library at about 10:50 and sat down at a table in the back, where I said we would meet. I saw some girl also sitting by herself listening to an iPod, and wondered if she was the girl who never responded to either of the emails. (Not going to lie, I Facebook stalked the girls so I could get an idea of who they are. And iPod girl was not familiar to my stalking). So I sat down at a different table. It was 11:15 and I decided I'd ask iPod girl if she was there for a book club. Nope! So I sat back down at my table all alone. I checked my email on my phone to see if anyone cancelled or emailed me by any chance. Nope. I decided to give someone...anyone...the benefit of the doubt who was running extremely late and was going to make a bad impression on me. I stuck around till 11:30. Still no one when I walked out of there at 11:35.

My first experience with a book club and I got stood up! How lame is that?!

Now I'm contemplating if I send out an email and tell them no one showed up and try to reschedule (so I can get stood up again...) or if I tell them no one showed up, but in order to this club going...ever...I decided on a book, here's the title, here's when we're meeting next. And tell them to be there or be lame and if they choose to be lame, they're outta my book club!

On a side note, I went to an FRG meeting the other day and saw a few girls that looked cool and I wanted to talk to them. But there were like 4 or 5 of them and I was way too intimidated to go up to them and introduce myself and be all like, "hey, do you want to be my friend?" Plus, the last two FRG meetings have been held in a movie theater (wtf, a movie theater is NOT a place to have a meeting. People are all scattered around the seats, all sitting alone, kids running up and down the aisle, yelling. It's not an environment where you can really socialize with other spouses). So I walked out of there not talking to a soul and it made me miss my real friends.

Can I have my old friends from Michigan back? Please? I really miss them. Making friends is hard work.


  1. oh no that really sucks.

    i think you should wait and see if the e-mail you, if they dont, then you know they are not intrested.

    hope you get better friends, those girls have no manners, they couldve said sorry.

  2. That sucks!! I totally hate the "making friends" part when we move... but it eventually happens and then I hate leaving and doing it over. Haha. Good luck with the decision, I hope everything works out!


  4. What a nightmare! I'd tell them no one showed. And I'd remind them that you work, too. Maybe suggest an evening meeting at a coffee shop. For the moms who can only do daytime, remind them that this is a great time for dad to babysit and for mom to have an hour out of the house. For the other girls who work, ask them if they want to get dinner beforehand?

    Trying to get people to have fun is hard work!

  5. Ugh, that sounds par for the course as far as the book club goes.

    The friends, though, will come. Be brave and reach out. It's how I made the best friends of my life.

  6. Making friends blows! I'm sorry that sucked, don't give up!