Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seth's home!!!! (and wedding weather)

Seth got home last night!!! Patrick and I picked him up from the airport yesterday evening. He's back in the states!!!! We were talking in the car ride home and he doesn't remember the last time he was home in the month of July. He thinks it's been before he joined the Army, and he's been in for almost 8 years now.

Anyways, Patrick made himself a little outfit for the homecoming. I bought the materials (duh, he's too young to work, and he doesn't get an allowance because he's naughty!) but this was all his idea. I swear.

waiting (napping) in the car, waiting for Seth!!!!

(he had so much fun, he wanted the underside of his shirt to be decorated too. and p.s. the t-shirt may have come from Gerber...for an infant 0-3 months. it may have also come in a 5 pack, so Patrick may be getting in touch with his crafty side and make some more t-shirts for himself. and p.s.s. folding 5 pure white infant shirts may have given me a bit of baby fever. i can't be certain though. )

They LOVED each other!! Patrick gave Seth all sorts of kisses and licked his face and cuddled up on his lap on the way home. Seth kept checking on him in the back seat to make sure he was content back there in his cage and he was cool enough. It was so cute!!

In wedding news....I checked the extended 12 day weather forecast to get a glimpse of the weather on our wedding day. Have I mentioned that the wedding is outside? In Michigan? Where weather is completely unpredictable?'s supposed to be 94 degrees, "humid and warmer with rain." The rehearsal is supposed to be 85 degrees and mostly cloudy with thunderstorms.

I know, I shouldn't have even looked at the weather forecast, because it can change 2,309,098 times between now and then, but I couldn't help it. Sooo if you're the praying type, please pray that it's not nearly that hot because I will literally die in my dress. And my hair won't appreciate that weather. And neither will the guests. Please pray for 76 and sunny with a breeze. But I'm not picky!

Also, while mentioning I'm not picky...have I also mentioned that Seth's brother's wife will be wearing a white gown to MY wedding? It's floor length, pure white, and looks like it's a prom dress. She posted a picture of Facebook the other day and said it was for an upcoming wedding and everyone commented on how beautiful it is, and how she'll look stunning in it. Apparently she, along with all of her friends, do not know it's inappropriate to wear a white dress to a wedding UNLESS YOU'RE THE BRIDE! Honestly though, I find it hilarious. I'm not saying anything to her; I'll let the staredowns of the other guests do the talking for me.


  1. You are WAY too generous! I'd be furious and probably would trip her.

    My MIL wore the same color dress as my mom to our wedding. This is not the matchy-matchy show! This is the wear colors in the same family show! There was a LOT of behind the scenes yelling.

    People can pretend to be ignorant, but they are just attention stealers!

  2. YAY for your hunny being home:) Patrick is very talented! And what in the world in your SIL thinking? I'm surprised no one questioned her on wearing a white dress to a wedding! I wore a white skirt with a blue and white stripped halter to a wedding once but I got it cleared before hand:)

  3. Yay! So glad Seth is home!!!

    My brother-in-law's girlfriend decided she was wearing a white dress to our wedding before she was even invited. Needless to say, she secured her spot on our not-invited list. (She tried to crash the reception, but that's a whole different story lol)

    If you don't care, that's awesome - but I certainly wouldn't want another woman in white in any of my wedding pictures :)

  4. YAYYY he's home :) That is so exciting!! Praying for your big day and that the weather is perfect!

  5. OMG, really, an entirely white dress to someone else's wedding? I'll give her the stink eye for you...for reals! I'm gonna refer to her as Pippa to see if she gets the reference! hahahaha