Thursday, July 28, 2011

False alarm, day dreaming and pictures

I so badly want to blog. I want to read a bunch and write a bunch and share pictures but I don't really have the time. Remember when I thought I was moving in…like, right now? Well, I’m not moving this week after all. I’m content yet sad about this. But I still have a ton of stuff going on (like finishing thank you cards, getting my dress preserved, house-sitting for a week, helping my parents move, etc.)

Patrick left to the west coast on Tuesday. My grandma is long term babysitting him until I get to Washington and we get housing. We had a family photo shoot on Monday:

patrick loves his daddy

patrick loves mommy

family photo shoot

please note harry, my parent's dog, standing awkwardly by seth. he definitely wanted in on the family action.

Seth left yesterday for his long road trip out to Washington. I REALLY wish I was going with him. It’d be a fun road trip together, and we’d be able to experience and explore the new post together. But now he’ll know it all before me. We won’t see each other until late September/early October.

My parents start their move to California on Monday. My dad accepted a job in CA a few days after the wedding, so they’ve been busy packing up their house and getting things in order for a big cross country move. They had less than 2 weeks to pack up a house that they’ve lived at for 14 years and no time to sort through things they need vs what can be donated or thrown away, so they’re packing up everything and will sort it out when they get there. So like every good child, I stored some of my stuff at their house that I’d want back in like 15 years (you know, after I have a house of my own with an abundance of storage, and not moving every few years). I threw out a bunch of stuff, donated a bunch of stuff, and burned a bunch of stuff including my whole 98 Degree memorabilia collection that included a ridiculous amount of magazines, posters, sweat rags from a concert, signed pictures, trading cards, etc. The little bit of stuff I do have at their house, I will be taking to my home and packing it up to take to Washington in a few weeks.

I don’t have a lot of motivation right now…hence this post while at work. I find myself daydreaming about driving across the country with Seth and the next thing I know, I’m looking at our wedding pictures that were taken with my camera, while anxiously awaiting the official pictures from our photographers. I wish I was here, where we went on our little honeymoon, in northern Michigan:


  1. I can relate with you on waiting for photographers! We finally got to view our photos this last weekend but I'm nearly biting my nails for them to release them online so I can share them. Sorry you can't be with your hubby yet. Found out today my hubby may be going to North Dakota for 4 weeks and we've only been married a month and a half. :( Hope time flies for you!!